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Anxiety & Panic Attacks. anxious woman

Counselling for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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Anxiety – that mental state of constantly being on high alert, feeling that something terrible is going to happen.

Physical symptoms that convince you there is something seriously wrong with you.

Changing your routine to avoid certain situations that exacerbate your worries.


A “Panic Attack." Two tiny words that so accurately describe what actually happens when you experience one. You feel panic and you can feel like you are under attack from an unknown source.

Having personally experienced severe anxiety and literally hundreds of panic attacks during a two year period in my early 20’s, that’s what it felt like to me, that both my body and my mind were under attack, and after each panic attack abated, I felt a little more damaged than before.

Back then, I'd never heard of anxiety or panic attacks and I genuinely thought that I was slowly going mad. It was utterly petrifying. The fear that I would feel anxious and then get a panic attack would absolutely guarantee that I DID get another one!

It got to the point where I was constantly anxious and experiencing panic attacks throughout the entire day. My life was becoming unrecognisable and the attacks were making my life smaller each week because I was scared I was going to have one literally anywhere that I went.

It wasn't until I had a complete meltdown one day when I'd been unable to get on the train to work for what felt like the 1000th time that I eventually went to my GP. Thankfully, he was absolutely lovely and told me I was experiencing anxiety, panic attacks and depression (caused by trying to cope on my own with them for such a long time).

Once I knew what a panic attack was, and that I wasn't going to die from having one, I was able to gradually free myself of them.


Anxiety & Panic Attacks. breathe

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By learning what they were. I came to understand that the physical side of an attack was my body’s natural reaction to a perceived fear in my mind.

Through counselling, I eventually learnt that the anxiety came from past fears and beliefs from my childhood that were now unconsciously replaying in my adult life.

I was going through a huge amount of change at the time and although the changes were all good and exciting, they were completely outside of my comfort zone.

Now with the pandemic, we are again all going through changes but this time, they are not all good and exciting at all. There is so much about what is happening that we have no control over.

For people who experience anxiety, control is a biggie in helping them to feel safe. Naturally, in not being able to control what is going on with the pandemic, it can make us feel incredibly unsafe again.

This feeling of being unsafe can then present itself in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways, including OCD tendencies. Repeated behaviours / rituals that we use to help us feel in control of a situation.

It's still amazing to me that our unconscious mind can cause such chaos that can gradually take over every area of your life.

With my own anxiety and panic attacks, things did gradually return to a more acceptable kind of “normal” for me, and although I managed to stop having the actual panic attacks, I still experienced anxiety, the loyal friend that always accompanied my panic.

The Pandemic has definitely set off some old anxiety inducing triggers for me. I can still feel anxiety when I am going through periods of change and there's been a LOT of changes for us all, but I am comfortable with my anxiety now. I understand it.

It serves as a reminder that I have the skills as an Adult to cope so to coin a phrase, I "Feel the Fear" and carry on with whatever I'm doing anyway. It soon subsides.

I want to reassure anyone who is experiencing anxiety and panic attacks that with counselling and support, they CAN be overcome.

You are most definitely NOT going mad and life CAN get back to normal

Anxiety & Panic Attacks. anxious boy

What are the symptoms of Panic Attacks?

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Now, although your experience will be different from mine, and the reasons for your attacks will be different from mine, the physical symptoms will have a familiar pattern that you will no doubt recognise.

Take a look at this page on the MIND website which lists the symptoms of a panic attack - I'm sure you'll be able to recognise quite a few.

If you would like to try counselling as a way to understand why you get them and how to deal with them, then I would love to hear from you. Although I have a good understanding of what it's like to experience panic attacks, I will be listening to your story, how panic attacks are affecting your life and helping you to get a deeper understanding of where your anxiety stems from.

Awareness of how you think and feel about different areas of your life is the key to reducing your anxiety, hopefully freeing you of panic attacks and accepting that you can still live a content and peaceful life alongside anxiety.

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Panic at the Disco - A Poem by Samantha Lee

I use poetry as a way of processing some of the things I've either been through in life, or have experienced through my client work. I wrote this particular poem to describe what my life was like when I was in the thick of my panic attacks. If you are suffering with panic attacks and anxiety, then I'm sure there will be some familiarity here for you.

Panic at the Disco

A normal day was to become the way that you’d show me what you could do
Me fine one minute, happy and calm, the next petrified, utterly, utterly petrified Of what? I hadn’t a clue
It was just “you.”

That way you would finger your fear up my neck, tightening my scalp like a Dagenham Facelift
Squeezing my head with a vice like grip until my head felt light and I thought I just might.... pass out
‘Cos my heart, it would start to rave wildly in my chest
Like panic at the disco – utter chaos playing to a chaotic beat under my breast

A tune I’d come to dread and fear because when you were near
I could hear the rate of my heart
I would start to breathe in such an unnatural way that it has left a scar to this very day
The memory of you can still squeeze my lungs so tightly when stressed
But you no longer have the power to control me so lightly

That breathing. God, it was like I’d just run a 100 meter sprint but from the safety of my own chair - I hadn’t run anywhere
But I felt like I wanted to run like Forest Gump and never look back - I just never knew what the hell it was I wanted to run away from? You? Me?
That answer didn’t come for another 20 odd years but that’s another story that will only take the glory away from your 15 minutes of fame. I digress!

So the cherry on top of the cake that is you
Was the obsession I built with needing the loo!
I just had to be where I could see it
Me and Armitage Shanks became lovers, I’d sneak in to see him to hide from the others
Who didn’t feel like they were losing their mind
With him in full view I felt safe. Safe from what?

I had no idea, that bit was always unclear but he sheltered me from the perceived fear
And I’d sit there and I waited til the panic abated and I could leave without shaking and go back to faking that I was perfectly fine, fine FINE!

I lived through those years waiting for something JUST SO TERRIBLE to happen
In the most innocent of places full of kind faces
In my head, I just knew that if I didn’t get off that train
Out of that shop, off that plane
Out of that lift, out of that restaurant, then that would be it, I’d be lost to you
Soon, the only place I felt safe was my home, my Safe Zone.

But after a while, you even took that away from me
That final day, another attempt at trying to get on the train to work
But you wouldn’t allow me to - I tried and I cried but I couldn’t
So I made my way home, I’d never felt so alone, I cried and I sobbed, I felt robbed

Of the life I’d once had, of the woman I’d been, I felt like a child again, helpless
And you chose that same day to finish the job as I started to sob you got me
To a point that was so low I had nowhere else to go, you’d won and I let you feast on the remains of me for a while

But when you’ve reached rock bottom, the only way is up
The fighter in me wasn’t done yet
A different tune started to play in my chest, a beat of hope that I could come out of this stronger
No longer Panic at the Disco, more an anthemic “I will Survive” number whilst I tentatively danced around my bag

I began to realise that no matter if it FELT like I was dying, I never did
It might have FELT like I’d never stop crying, but I did
It might have FELT like something JUST SO TERRIBLE would happen, but it never did

I came to realise you were a liar – you made me think you were so scary but you were all mouth and no trousers in the end
No more than a bully, seeming so strong on the outside but with no inner strength - not like me
You may have attacked me hundreds, maybe thousands of times but here’s the thing Panic Attack


Copyright Samantha Lee 2019

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