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Counselling Southend-on-Sea through to Rochford, Eastwood and beyond

"Sam listened, supported and guided me through a difficult time. She gave advice I could relate to and work with. She never judged, but only ever tried to understand. I am very grateful for all her support." El - 35

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Counselling, Southend-on-Sea, Rochford, Eastwood and beyond

Are you an intelligent person who others might look at and think you'd got your life sorted, (good job, family, nice house etc) but behind closed doors it's a different story?

Are you having issues that you maybe keep hidden from the people you love the most?
Do you tend to feel not good enough compared to friends, family or colleagues?
Can you tend to overthink, criticise yourself and lack the confidence to do the things you really want?
Are you feeling stressed, depressed, anxious or even having panic attacks trying to keep up a happy front at home or work?

If any of this sounds familiar, then I may be the Counsellor for you - I've been there, done that and have the proverbial t-shirt. (See About Samantha Lee to get a better idea of what I mean!)

I'm Samantha Lee and I'm a BACP Registered Counsellor offering Counselling in Southend-on-Sea, helping people from my hometown and from all over Essex. I help busy working professionals and clients from all walks of life who, for a variety of reasons, may be finding it hard to cope right now.

How does my counselling help?

In my sessions, you get the chance to offload your problems and worries without fear that it will upset someone or go any further;
I look at how you feel about them, find out how you are currently trying to deal with them and the effect they are having on you;
I look at parts of your past to see if certain aspects of it may be affecting your present;
I give you a better understanding of yourself that will ultimately help clear your mind of unhelpful thoughts that may be holding you back from living the life you want to lead.

The result? Together, we get you back in the driving seat and in control of your life again.

As a Counsellor in Southend-on-Sea, I help people with a wide range of client issues each week. I also have a special interest and experience in helping people living with Domestic Abuse, Anxiety & Panic Attacks, and family conflict/estrangement.

Although I offer counselling in Southend-on-Sea, my clients travel from all over Essex to see me. If you are looking for a Counsellor and live in Rochford, Eastwood, Rayleigh and beyond, then my practice is within easy reach by car. If you're a commuter during the week, then I work from two different venues which are really handy for either Southend Central or Prittlewell Train Stations - you can just jump off the train after work and within 5 minutes you can be starting your counselling session either from East Street in Prittlewell or Weston Road in Southend-on-Sea. If you're busy with the kids during the week or work late, then I also run a busy practice on Saturday's from a third venue based in Queens Road, Southend-on-Sea which is just off Southend High Street and again, is within easy reach by car or train.

So if you are wondering whether therapy is for you, I would say that counselling could make the rest of your life be the best of your life. You won't know unless you give it a go so I'd love you to get in touch - here's my Contact Details .

Visit my Facebook Page for daily posts on life, love, counselling and some beautiful photographs of Southend-on-Sea and Essex.

Don't take my word for it - here are two recent testimonials from past clients:-

"Sam listened, supported and guided me through a difficult time. She gave advice I could relate to and work with. She never judged, but only ever tried to understand. I am very grateful for all her support." El, 35, Leigh-on-Sea

"I cannot thank Samantha enough for helping through some difficult situations in both my work and personal life. She is very easy to talk to and makes some very relevant observations. She makes you feel completely at ease and would certainly recommend her to anyone considering counselling. Prior to counselling I was very sceptical about the whole process, Samantha was able to help me overcome these thoughts and I would definitely approach her again in the future." Sean*, 43, Rochford *(name changed)

“I met Sam last year when I was at rock bottom and in a little over a year, she helped me to cope with it all and then how to understand it and move on from it.  From the very first session, I felt totally at ease to open up and let it all out.  It was easy to trust Sam and discuss things I had never spoken to anyone about or even understood myself.  I would recommend Sam 100% to anyone who needs help dealing with tough feelings or situations, past or present, and I cannot thank her enough for helping me overcome those feelings and understand how I can see good in the world and myself again.” Toby, 30

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