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The Little Book of Help by Samantha Lee

I'm delighted, excited and quite frankly, amazingly proud to announce that I have an actual self-help book of poetry being published, and if all goes to plan, it will be on sale before Christmas!

For a few years now, I have been sharing my poems about various aspects of life that affect our mental health. You can often find them on my Facebook Business Page.

I've been so touched by some of the stories you've shared with me about how my poetry has resonated and helped you through some really tough times.

I also use my poems in my work as a therapist - they can really help a client to connect to the words and expand on their own story.

So, after being repeatedly told they should be published, I've been and gone and done it!

My book is simply called "The Little Book of Help" and I hope it will do exactly that - Help you with your mental health.

As a self-help book, the content is really quite unique.

If read as a whole, it tells a story. However, the poems are divided into different stand-alone sections covering individual subjects such as Loss, Relationships, Anxiety, etc.

Some of the poems are based on my own lived experience. Many, however, are interwoven with stories I've listened to whilst sat opposite my courageous clients.

The poems cover difficult experiences and painful areas that we can all struggle with that can ultimately affect our mental health.

I'm NOT a poetry buff, I've always loved rhyme and a good story and that's just what my poems offer.

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What's it About?

"Are you the kind of person who is always “FINE?”

For example, if someone were to ask, “How are you?”, would you reply “Oh, fine thanks”, even if you’re going through the worst time of your life, feeling like absolute crap and are on the verge of a total meltdown?!

Why is it that so many of us just cannot find the words to tell it like it is and get the help we need?

Why can we have such a block when it comes to talking about our mental health?

This is where The Little Book of Help comes to the rescue.

Therapist, Samantha Lee, has been there, done that and could set up shop with all the bloody t-shirts!

After years of living with anxiety and panic attacks, sudden bereavement, an impressive list of relationship disasters and finding herself a Single Mum at the age of 42, she’d had enough of that sh*t and decided to train as a therapist.

Gradually, through her own experience with therapy, she realised that she had become a 'pro at convincing herself and others that she was fine. She slowly learnt that she had never really dealt with the things in life that had caused her pain.

These days, Samantha writes basic poetry to help her find the right words, because although Therapist is her Job Title, she’s still a perfectly imperfect human who must get through life’s curveballs the same as anyone else.

She uses simple poetry that anyone can understand, to help make sense about the key areas of life that we can ALL struggle with, leading to the creation of beautifully authentic poems that captivate, resonate, comfort, and soothe.

The poems tell the story of some of Samantha’s own journey, both as a client and as a therapist, together with some of the areas her own clients have worked through over the years.

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The Little Book of Help - It's like therapy in a poem, without the waiting list!

In listening to herself and her clients, Samantha has learnt that when you’re feeling vulnerable, you lose the ability to concentrate, hence the poem format – much easier to read!

Also, your ability to connect and communicate with others can desert you, just at a time when talking and getting the help you need is key.

This can lead to feelings of isolation, loneliness, and low confidence and makes it even harder to ask for help – it’s a vicious cycle and so frustrating.

Finding the strength to overcome our fears and decide on Therapy as a way forward can be scary, and so "The Little Book of Help" is a first step.

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The Little Book of Help - Poems to raise awareness of common mental health issues

Samantha’s poems are an accessible way of starting to look at difficult feelings from the safety of your own home, gradually helping you to pluck up the courage to start making changes.

Reading and resonating with someone else’s words can kick-start the process - taking manageable steps whilst you find your own words to ask for help.

"The Little Book of Help" really is a unique way of exploring the reasons that lead us to therapy, understanding the process and seeing the changes that can arise from the special relationship that can form between Therapist and Client.

"The Little Book of Help" - it’s like Therapy in a poem, but without the waiting list.

Want to be kept in the loop?

The book is going to be available to buy on Amazon, either as a paperback or for Kindle.

It will make a truly unique and quite lovely gift for anyone you know who is going through a hard time at the moment - especially if that person is YOU.

If you would like to hear when the book is going to be released, then just send me your email and I'll keep you in the loop. (Don’t worry about providing a phone number on the form, I don’t need it).

After the last couple of years we've been through, I really hope you and your loved ones will find comfort, hope and a way to move forward after reading my "Little Book of Help."

Photo by Trust "Tru" Katsande on Unsplash

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