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"Me, Myself & I" - Experiencing the World of the Inner Child - An online course for the Counselling community

An exciting Inner Child course inviting Counsellors to experience and observe their own Inner Child in action. With 10 Chapters full of real-life examples, Me, Myself & I will help show the Inner Child in you AND your clients with true clarity.

"What an incredible piece of work, I thoroughly enjoyed working through it and feel I have learnt so much."

Me, Myself & I . Me Myself & I

Counsellors - Have you met your Inner Child?

Early Bird Rate £99.00 Offer Expires 30 April (Standard Rate £135.00)
Pay Monthly - 3 x £45.00 (Early Bird not applicable with Payment Plan)

We’re all pretty intelligent adults here – we wouldn’t be doing this job if we weren’t, but I know I’m not alone in having had times where my behaviour or my decisions have made me look back at myself in horrified embarrassment and think...

“What the hell am I DOING??!”

And those occasions when an innocent comment or experience (that any rational adult would dismiss) can leave me feeling so sad, confused and helpless that I could cry like a baby and trundle off to eat chocolate until I feel better.

"If this sounds familiar to you, then you’ve already met your Inner Child!"

"I really got so much out of this, Sam, and it has given me a thirst for more knowledge. Already I have taken this new awareness into my own client work. It's like now that I've seen it (the inner child in action) I can't UN see it and I'm more aware of when my own inner child is talking or when a client or family member’s inner child is coming out."

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What can I expect from the Course?

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I have always learned best by using my own lived experience and those of others to influence and enhance my practice.

Through this experiential online course, I would love to introduce you to the world of the Inner Child through my own journey in meeting my own “Little Me” and how I’ve learned to understand, love and heal her past wounds.

Me, Myself & I is not a dry, academic course where you learn Inner Child Theory. (You do need to have a basic understanding of the Inner Child concept to get the most out of the content though).

This is an exciting course where the content allows you to experience and observe YOUR OWN Inner Child's influence and behaviour in your life.

As the course unfolds, you will start to Feel what it's like when your Inner Child is in charge of your feelings and emotions. This new insight will allow you to start seeing the Inner Child in yourself and your own clients with stunning clarity.

Containing 10 easy to read and thought provoking Chapters, ‘Me, Myself & I’ is packed full of enjoyable and insightful content to aid your CPD.

You’ll find a mixture of colourful PDF’s, audio sections, awareness quizzes and even poetry to keep you engaged as you learn.

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Offering an authentic portrayal of real life personal events and with observations and experience of my own client work, 'Me, Myself & I' will give even the most experienced Therapist new insight into their own Inner Child and those of their clients.

Each Chapter offers reflective exercises to help identify where your own Inner child may still have influence over different areas of your life.

There are also downloadable worksheets to aid your understanding and awareness. These may also be used to enhance your practice with clients, helping to observe and connect with their own Inner Child.

Early Bird Rate £99.00 Offer Expires 30 April (Standard Rate £135.00)
Pay Monthly - 3 x £45.00 (Early Bird not applicable with Payment Plan)

The Course Curriculum

I've listed a sneak preview of the main course chapters below.

Each chapter has been written with the aim of slowly building your self-awareness and understanding.

By the end of the course, you will be able to observe the influence of your Inner Child in so many different areas of your life with real clarity.

To view the full course curriculum click any of the "Buy Now" buttons on this page to take you to the 'Me, Myself & I' Course Website..

  • Chapter 1 – Welcome to the Course
  • Chapter 2 – How well do you know your Inner Child?
  • Chapter 3 – Introduction to Inner Child Process
  • Chapter 4 – Trauma and the Inner Child
  • Chapter 5 – Grief and the Inner Child
  • Chapter 6 – Meeting the Inner Child in the Therapy Room
  • Chapter 7 – Main Case Study
  • Chapter 8 – The ultimate aim of Inner Child Work
  • Chapter 9 – Healing
  • Chapter 10 – Have you increased your awareness of your Inner Child?

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    'Me, Myself & I - Who is the Course for?

    "Lots of ‘stuff’ came up for me Sam ......... but I did end it feeling warm, content and above all safe."

    'Me, Myself & I' is an online course created especially for the Counselling community.

    It has been designed to help Counsellors and Psychologists who would like to experience the world of the Inner Child for themselves and to enhance their work with clients.

    It's an opportunity to explore your past with a much deeper and compassionate perspective, allowing for a new level of understanding of who you are as a person.

    This new awareness can be slowly introduced into your practice, as once you gain a deeper insight into your past childhood wounds, you will naturally start to see your clients' stories with new eyes.

    To get the most out of ‘Me, Myself & I”, a basic understanding of the Inner Child Concept is recommended to fully understand the content.

    The course is therefore aimed at

    - Qualified Counsellors and Psychologists
    - Trainee Counsellors and Psychologists in their Final Year of training

    Most importantly, this level also ensures you have the right support available to you in the form of Supervision or Personal Therapy should you need to process any parts of the course that may leave you feeling vulnerable.

    "It was truly brilliant - thank you so much."

    By the end of this course, you’ll be able to....

  • Spot your Inner Child's beliefs and behaviour in intimate relationships, friendship, work, family - even Social Media!
  • See why your past may still be influencing your present
  • Connect with your Inner Child to begin the healing process
  • Challenge and change past beliefs and behaviours that stop you from progressing
  • More confidently observe the Inner Child in your clients
  • Use new awareness to enhance your Inner Child work with clients

    Early Bird Rate £99.00 Offer Expires 30 April (Standard Rate £135.00)
    Pay Monthly - 3 x £45.00 (Early Bird not applicable with Payment Plan)

  • Learning Outcomes of the Course

    At the end of the course, you will have learnt:-

  • How trauma can impact a child’s thought process and self-worth
  • How childhood trauma can influence Adult beliefs and behaviour
  • How to identify the past wounds of the Inner Child
  • How to observe the Inner Child influence in Adult behaviour
  • A basic understanding of the healing process
  • How to spot the Inner Child in your clients

  • Me, Myself & I . Jan2021sefie

    Inner Child Therapy with Samantha Lee - BACP Registered Counsellor

    As well as being the Author of ‘Me, Myself & I’, Samantha is an OTI Trained Cyber Therapist with an online private practice where she helps clients throughout the UK. If after taking the course, you would like to explore your Inner Child through therapy, then she would love to hear from you. Please contact her to arrange a free telephone assessment.

    You can find out more about Samantha and her work by taking a look around this website.

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    How many hours CPD will I get from this course?

    Due to the complex nature of the course, it is very much dependent upon the individual's process as to how long it might take to complete each section. It is a course you will reflect on long after it’s done and you will want to refer back to certain sections.

    However, to give you a rough guide in terms of initial time commitment, our more experienced therapists who have already done some work on their Inner Child have taken between 3 - 5 hours and Final Year Students up to 10 hours.

    I am therefore leaving the CPD hours open for each individual to assess for themselves.

    Do I get a certificate for completing the course?

    Yes, each student gets a Certificate on completion of the course.

    How long do I get access to this course?

    You have access to this course for 1 year.

    "It will be something I will refer back to time and time again."

    Me, Myself & I . dont forget to love her

    "I trained in TA so your course is a lovely reminder to me about how brilliant Inner Child work is."

    Early Bird Rate £99.00 Offer Expires 30 April (Standard Rate £135.00)
    Pay Monthly - 3 x £45.00 (Early Bird not applicable with Payment Plan)

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